OLA GOLD BEAUTY — The Natural, Vegan and Melanin-Approved Personal Care and Skincare Line Has Taken the Market by Storm

OLA GOLD BEAUTY’s April Launch Sold Out in Record Time, Prompting the Company to Introduce More New Products to Its Customers May 1

Introducing OLA GOLD BEAUTY — the natural, vegan, and melanin-approved personal care and skincare line that has taken the market by storm. Created by Daisha Agboola, formerly known as Daisha Collins, OLA GOLD BEAUTY has quickly become a go-to brand for those seeking high-quality, natural, and nourishing products for their skin and body.

Agboola’s journey began in college during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 when she realized that most dermatologists were not accepting appointments due to the pandemic. As a result, she turned to store-bought products to take care of her skin, but she soon discovered that they were not effective for melanin skin. Her husband’s dermatitis condition worsened with the use of store-bought products, and this led her to research the ingredients used in these products.

After realizing that many beauty products on the market contain cancerous ingredients, harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, Agboola decided to take matters into her own hands. She began creating her own herbal and vitamin-infused products from scratch, using natural and nourishing ingredients that she knew were safe for her skin and body. She started producing the products in her kitchen and before long, her friends and family began to notice the difference in her skin’s health and appearance.

Fast forward to January 2021, and OLA GOLD BEAUTY was born. The brand offers a range of natural and luxurious personal care products that provide the skin and body with nutrients, natural herbs, and vitamins, delivering moisture, hydration, improvement, and added protection. The products are free from petroleum, formaldehydes, harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, making them a safe and healthy choice for all skin types.

OLA GOLD BEAUTY has quickly become a fan-favorite, with last month’s launch selling out in record time. The brand has been restocking and is introducing even more products today, May 1, 2023. By using OLA GOLD BEAUTY products, customers can enjoy a safer, more beneficial, and healthier personal care routine without putting their health at risk.

Daisha Agboola, the creator of OLA GOLD BEAUTY, is a true inspiration for those looking to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world. Her passion for natural and safe personal care products has led her to create a brand that is not only good for the skin but good for the planet, too. Give OLA GOLD BEAUTY a try and discover the wonders of natural and nourishing skin care today.

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OLA GOLD BEAUTY — The Natural, Vegan and Melanin-Approved Personal Care and Skincare Line Has Taken the Market by Storm

Nutrition21 to Showcase Lustriva at NYSCC Supplier’s Day Show

Nutrition21 LLC will be exhibiting at the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) “Suppliers’ Day 2023” show (booth #116) at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in New York City May 2-3, 2023. The company will be featuring its newest patented beauty-from-within ingredient Lustriva®.

While conventional biotin is often used in beauty supplements, its benefits are vague. Lustriva is a clinically substantiated patented complex that combines Bonded Arginine Silicate with Magnesium Biotinate to promote healthier-looking hair and skin.*

Lustriva is unique in that it significantly increases biotin solubility 40 times greater than that of D-biotin, the form of this vitamin commonly found in beauty products. 

In a clinical study1, healthy women who received Lustriva experienced thicker hair as well as a nearly 20% increase in hair growth in as little as three weeks. In the same study, participants also experienced improved skin texture and a 10% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in just 12 weeks.

According to Catherine Kwik-Uribe, Ph.D., Nutrition21’s Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, “There are many options in the market today. The research shows that Lustriva’s unique formulation offers 2-in-1 benefits that you can see and feel. 

“Fortunately, the science and technology behind Lustriva offers formulators the assurance they need that the right forms of biotin and silicon make all the difference; the highly bioavailable forms of silicon and biotin can only be found in this product.”

Lustriva is self-affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status and can be easily incorporated into a variety of products, including dietary supplements, functional foods, gummies and gels, and ready-to-drink beverages in a small clinical dose of 160 mg.

Information on registering for the event can be found here

About Lustriva® 

Lustriva® is a patented complex of Bonded Arginine Silicate and Magnesium Biotinate that is designed as a healthy aging ingredient. Lustriva is unique in that its form of biotin has 40X greater solubility than D-biotin and offers proven bioavailable forms of biotin and silicon. Lustriva has multiple benefits for hair and skin and has been clinically shown to increase hair growth in as little as three weeks and reduce wrinkles and improve skin’s texture within 12 weeks.

For more information on Lustriva, visit https://nutrition21.com/lustriva/.

About Nutrition21, LLC

Nutrition21 is an industry-leading developer and marketer of efficacious, high-value, clinically substantiated ingredients for use in dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages. With decades of experience, the company’s scientific platform has continued to create unique, patented products that are both safe and clinically effective. To build consumer trust, Nutrition21 ensures product efficacy and safety through a product development process that involves rigorous preclinical and clinical research. The company currently holds over 70 domestic and international issued and pending patents for its ingredients which support unique claims associated with sports nutrition, weight management, cognitive health, and beauty-from-within, among others.

For more information on Nutrition21, visit www.Nutrition21.com.

[1] Kalman DS and Hewlings SJ. A randomized double-blind evaluation of a novel biotin and silicon ingredient complex on the hair and skin of healthy women. J Clin Exp Dermatol Res. 2021;12(1):1-7. Accessed April 9, 2023.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This ingredient is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

©2023 Nutrition21, LLC 

Nutrition21, LLC, Saddle Brook, NJ Source: Nutrition21, LLC M0002423

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Nutrition21 to Showcase Lustriva at NYSCC Supplier’s Day Show

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration’s Dr. John Kahen, MD, Has Been Awarded a Patent for SmartPRP, a Groundbreaking Therapy for Hair Restoration

Dr. John Kahen has recently announced the issuance of a U.S. patent (no. 10,456,422-B2) for his Smart PRP® (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy, a revolutionary solution for hair restoration surgery. This patented remedy involves healing the surgical wound from the transferred hair follicles, which should result in a high survival rate for the hair follicle graft. The SmartPRP therapy utilizes the body’s own tissue to stimulate fresh follicles, promoting natural hair color and density while improving scarring for a more organic healing process.

Dr. Kahen is a world-renowned hair transplant specialist who has performed thousands of hair transplant procedures, including for many celebrities and international clients. His scientific approach is the new state-of-the-art technique for hair restoration.

“I have been using SmartPRP exclusively during my hair transplant procedures for over a decade,” states Dr. Kahen. “The infusion of platelet-rich plasma has increased the survival rate of the follicles and expedited the healing process, resulting in thicker, more voluminous, and stronger and healthier hair for my patients.”

Smart PRP therapy is a quick 30-minute procedure performed on-site at Dr. Kahen’s practice facility in Beverly Hills, California, with no downtime for patients, allowing them to resume their regular activities immediately after treatment.

About Dr. John Kahen

Dr. Kahen is a world-renowned hair transplant specialist located in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Kahen entered private practice exclusively as a hair restoration surgeon in 2007, proudly retaining membership with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Kahen created SmartPRP® to achieve impeccable hair restoration results. Dr. Kahen garnered massive respect from the plastic surgeon community, winning the “Aesthetic Award” for three consecutive years. Dr. Kahen’s expertise in the science of hair restoration has made him the most sought-out hair restoration expert in the profession. For more information, visit www.beverlyhillshr.com or follow along on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

About Beverly Hills Hair Restoration (BHHR)

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration (BHHR) is a world-class clinic committed to enlightening our patients’ despair from hair loss, with groundbreaking surgical and non-surgical practices. Our clinic is the pioneer of PRP for hair restoration and one of the first in the world to rejuvenate follicles with that system. We have revolutionized Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) stem cell technologies such as SmartPRP®, which has afforded our clients with unmatched hair loss solutions. For more information or appointments, visit www.beverlyhillshr.com, and follow along on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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Beverly Hills Hair Restoration’s Dr. John Kahen, MD, Has Been Awarded a Patent for SmartPRP, a Groundbreaking Therapy for Hair Restoration

GIMME Beauty Launches New Active Bands Collection

Ideal for workouts, Active Bands grip better, stay in place longer, don’t pull hair

GIMME Beauty has launched its new Active Bands Collection that is designed to be perfect for all types of workouts, from running and lifting to hiking and cross-fitness exercising.

The new bands are made with silicone accents and are 100% latex-free. This textured surface prevents the bands from slipping.

“The ‘beauty’ of these new active lifestyle hair bands is that they will stay in place through any of your workouts and yet they won’t damage or pull your hair,” said GIMME CEO Jeff Durham. 

The new Active Bands’ textured grip prevents the bands from slipping off the wrist easily, while the unique fabric wicks away sweat and provides breathability. The extra-strong material also means the bands will last longer and won’t snap like other bands. No one wants the disappointment of having a hair band break during a workout. GIMME eliminated this pain.

The new Active Bands Collection launched on March 16 online and in various GIMME retail partner stores across the U.S. The active bands will be available in the most popular sizes – Thick Hair and Universal (or Any Fit) options. GIMME also offers an activewear scrunchy pack, also incorporating silicone for extra grip, if that fits your preference.

“GIMME believes women shouldn’t have to put up with one-size-fits-all products for your hair,” Durham said. “We are dedicated to constantly improving your hair experience by giving you the best possible products for your hair and making them easily accessible to all in-store or online.”

GIMME Beauty’s accessories are some of the strongest-selling accessories at ULTA, and as such, GIMME has been recognized among ULTA’s top-performing accessories brands. Since its launch in 2006, GIMME has grown into a national brand, with retail partners like ULTA, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart carrying GIMME products in 2023.

About GIMME Beauty

GIMME Beauty‘s vision is to design innovative hair solutions that disrupt the status quo of the health and beauty hair care category. The company’s products rank among the industry’s fastest-growth hair accessories, according to Nielsen Market Data. Since it launched in 2006, GIMME has become a national brand available at more than 20,000 stores across the United States. Follow GIMME on Instagram or Facebook to learn about its latest collections.

To learn more about GIMME Beauty, visit www.gimmebeauty.com.

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GIMME Beauty Launches New Active Bands Collection

AMBI Announces the Launch of the Brand’s New Dark Spot Fade Collection

AMBI, the trusted name in skincare with award-winning products proven to cleanse, treat and moisturize skin of color for over 50 years, is excited to announce the launch of the Dark Spot Fade Collection. Priced affordably, each under $10, the collection includes the Even & Clear Fade CreamEven & Clear Fade Serum Retinol and the Advanced Even & Clear Fade Cream. These formulations are hydroquinone-free and are specifically made to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and deliver smooth, even-toned skin.

“AMBI has been a beloved brand for people of color for over half a century,” says Tricia McKenzie, AMBI Senior Brand Manager. “We’re excited to bring to market the new hydroquinone-free formulas that resolve consumer’s challenges with hyperpigmented skin while providing extra care with products that prioritize skin health.” 

The new Dark Spot Fade Collection is made up of three formulas that provide high-quality, affordable skincare solutions. The new collection includes:

Even & Clear Fade Cream (30 mL): Made to gradually fade and correct moderate dark spots caused by acne, uneven skin tone and discoloration.

  • The treatment works to smooth skin and reduce hyperpigmentation 
  • This formula is designed to improve the overall appearance of healthy skin 

Even & Clear Fade Serum Retinol (30 mL): This is a non-irritating retinol that works to even out skin texture and reduce the appearance of dark spots. 

  • Key ingredients include Niacinamide and encapsulated retinol to help address hyperpigmentation and smooth dark marks 
  • The formula is made to improve texture, the appearance of pores and skin tone evenness 

Advanced Even & Clear Fade Cream (30 mL): This product is formulated with 5% Niacinamide, Licorice Root Extract and PHA, combined to help reduce the appearance of even the most stubborn dark spots

  • The advanced formula works to boost brightness and fight hyperpigmentation 

Striving to produce high-quality products for diverse skin tones, AMBI is proud to share that the new Dark Spot Fade Collection formulas are hydroquinone-free, providing users with safe treatments that deliver purposeful results.

The Dark Spot Fade Collection is now available at Walmart, CVS, Target and Family Dollar.


AMBI, The Skin Tone Authority, is Scientifically Proven Skincare for Skin of Color. For over 50 years, the brand has catered to the skincare needs of People of Color — with cleansers, toners and moisturizers formulated to provide smooth, even-toned, flawless-looking skin. AMBI is best known for its dermatologist-recommended fade creams, which help fade dark spots and skin discoloration. Made for and by those with diverse skin tones, you can trust AMBI. 

EDITORIAL/MEDIA INQUIRIES: For all media inquiries, please contact Sara Castillo: [email protected] // (310) 878-2560

HIGH-RES IMAGES: https://agencyguacamole_AMBI.box.com

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AMBI Announces the Launch of the Brand’s New Dark Spot Fade Collection

Frownies, Industry Leader in Beauty and Skincare, Shares the Secret to Centuries of Success in Celebration of Women’s History Month

Frownies, best known for the wrinkle-smoothing Frownies Facial Patches, attributes recent viral growth to 130-year history of personalized customer service.

Frownies, Industry Leader in Beauty and Skincare, Shares the Secret to Centuries of Success in Celebration of Women’s History Month
Frownies Celebrates Women’s History Month

Four women wearing paper wrinkle patches on their foreheads holding pink boxes of Frownies Facial Patches.

Frownies, the home of the iconic wrinkle-smoothing facial patches, is celebrating Women’s History Month by sharing their secret to success – personalized customer service that has been passed down over five generations of women.

Margaret Krosen invented Frownies in 1889 for her daughter Alice, a concert pianist and a model. After many hours of sitting at the piano furrowing her brow in concentration, Alice had started to develop eleven lines between her brows. The concept of Frownies Facial Patches was born – weighted paper patches with a water-activated adhesive that create a cast to hold the facial muscles still, allowing the overlying skin to lay flat. Women from Broadway to Hollywood used Frownies to soften and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Now, Frownies is the number one non-invasive alternative to Botox®

In 2020, Helen Morrison, the great-great-granddaughter of Frownies’ inventor Margaret Krosen, joined the Frownies’ team full-time as Director of Brand Strategy. As the face of Frownies across social media platforms, Morrison has quickly taken Frownies Facial Patches viral. With 225 Million views on TikTok and over 13,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, Morrison has led the brand to exponential growth through her transparency and accessibility across social media platforms. 

Frownies Facial Patches have always been marketed by word-of-mouth,” Helen says. “Now we are using the modern-day ‘word-of-mouth’ – social media – to continue our grass-roots marketing.” Morrison goes on to share that Frownies’ secret to standing out beyond the viral TikTok videos and Instagram reels is the individual interactions with their customers. 

“My great-great-grandmother would hand-write responses to letters from women ordering Frownies Facial Patches from all over the world,” Helen notes. “Now, if a customer sends a message on Instagram, I personally respond, often with a voice message. I am always happy to give application tips if a customer sends me a picture of their problem areas or the placement of their facial patches.”

Before many women were in the workforce, even before women had the right to vote, Frownies has been owned and operated by strong, independent women. Today, Frownies strives to maintain the personalized customer service that the Frownies’ customers have appreciated since 1889. 


Frownies, home of the Original Wrinkle Patch, is proud to be a fifth-generation, female-founded small business for over 130 years. Frownies, once called “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret,” has gone viral as the #1 natural alternative to Botox® with over 255 Million views on TikTok. 

Shop for Frownies Facial Patches and the rest of the Frownies natural skincare line here. Follow the Frownies on Instagram for tips on how to apply the Facial Patches. 

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Frownies, Industry Leader in Beauty and Skincare, Shares the Secret to Centuries of Success in Celebration of Women’s History Month