Eco-friendly Hudstone Dishwashing Powder Promises Zero-waste Performance

Eco-friendly Hudstone Dishwashing Powder Promises Zero-waste Performance

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Hudstone dishwashing powder now comes in a compostable bag, making it a truly eco-friendly product for people concerned about the environment.

Our new dishwashing powder comes in a compostable bag making it a truly eco-friendly, zero-waste product. It contains a built-in rinse aid, so you also will save water by requiring no pre-rinsing.”

— Steve Davis

MIRANDA, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, June 15, 2022 / — Dishwashing products find common usage in homes and commercial settings. However, not everyone is aware that the act of washing dishes might harm the environment. This is due to the presence of chemicals in dishwashing liquids potentially harmful to human health and the environment. In its simplest form, dry or chapped hands might be the immediate fallout of using soaps or detergents that are too harsh. However, the effect of some dishwashing formulations can be far more harmful.

Hudstone caters to the demand for environmentally safer and smarter dishwashing powder, ensuring its products don’t take a toll on the local ecosystem. Taking its initiative further, the company has now brought a better, compostable bag for its range of dishwasher powder. The eco-friendly bag contains a built-in rinsing aid that helps to cut down the use of water by taking away the need to pre-rinse.

Buying household supplies such as detergents, washing powder, and dishwashing liquids can be confusing. The labeled information is often confusing, not divulging details about potentially harmful ingredients. Sometimes, people cannot distinguish between two similar-looking products promising the same action, and the pricing becomes the primary reason to choose one product. Most critically, many traditional detergents are not classified according to their environmental impact.

Despite global regulations requiring consumer products to provide more information about the packaging contents and the packaging itself, it is possible to purchase household supplies from supermarkets without understanding the full product specifications. Often, the information is presented in such a manner that it is hard to read and understand. Hudstone Dishwashing Powder is an exception to this trend. Its packaging is relatively simple, and the product’s contents are listed. In addition, there is an emphasis on simply providing the product information so that consumers can make a better, well-informed purchase decision.

Soaps, detergents, and dishwashing solutions may include phthalates, sulfates, ammonia, chlorine, and phosphates. While the primary function of many of these chemical compounds is to bind with the grime and make it easier to remove the dirt, excessive use can adversely affect the surrounding water bodies, including the local ponds and lakes, and rivers.

The EPA highlights that the excessive drainage of some types of phosphates can accelerate the multiplication of algae which is detrimental to the local ecology that needs more sunlight and oxygen. In addition, many other chemicals found in dishwashing detergents, such as additives, surfactants, and stability agents, pose a threat to the environment as they are non-biodegradable. Some might have resistance to the function of water treatment facilities. That is why the team at Hudstone is careful about the formulation of its products to ensure that they are not a threat to the health of a family, the local marine life, or the soil.

As a brand, Hudstone remains committed to the cause of more sustainable lifestyle habits and helping conserve the ecosystem. Aside from its environmentally friendly products, the brand has now become the official sponsor of The Reef Restoration Foundation Australia, assisting in the creation of more coral nurseries that help to regenerate damaged corals and plant new ones in an effort to ensure the reef’s resources can survive contamination caused by challenges such as increasing industrialization.

“Oh my goodness what can I say? Thank you thank you thank you Hudstone. I am very grateful for the opportunity you gave me to trial your products. They are amazing! I have been using sensitive washing powder in the baby’s clothes. They come up so fresh and clean! Highly recommend these products!”
Cathy (Verified Facebook Review)

Not satisfied with just making its laundry and dishwashing products eco-friendlier, Hudstone ensures that its product packaging does not threaten the environment. Unlike plastic bags that can take infinite years to break down, the compostable bags by Hudstone don’t add to the landfill or garbage disposal problem. A biodegradable packaging, these bags are made from renewable materials and present a simple and affordable way for eco-conscious families to reduce their carbon footprints.

About Hudstone

The team at Hudstone is dedicated to giving high-quality, safe, and effective products at a reasonable price. The company has been operational for over four decades and is proud of its portfolio of Australian-made & owned products that are not toxic to humans and the environment. The washing powders, laundry sprays, and dishwashing powder are prepared with an emphasis on keeping the product free from toxic and potentially harmful synthetic elements. Hudstone is deeply rooted in the Australian community and contributes to different causes to conserve natural resources.

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