Olive Swan, The Feminine Princess, Releases Her 37th Book, Feminine Rhythm

Olive Swan, The Feminine Princess, Releases Her 37th Book, Feminine Rhythm

Details about the book Feminine Rhythm, 7 in 1 plus calendar

Details about Feminine Rhythm

Detailed & Media info on Book and Author

Detailed & Media info on Book and Author

eBusiness Card for Feministry

eBusiness Card, Feministry

Play like children, create pleasurable events, & flow in womanhood with activities in Feminine Rhythm”

— Olive Swan

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mrs. Olive Swan, aka The Feminine Princess, has complied a collection of 7 colorful books that she wrote, filled with fun activities on reconnecting to the Rhythm of God for Women. This collection experiments with a plethora of expressive arts, like journaling, smelling scents, redecorating, playing finger cymbals, drawing, exploring nature, and more! The book delves in modern ways to learn and live ancient truths of connecting to the feminine rhythm created by the Ancient of Days, the Lord.

Feminine Rhythm encourages feminine readers to “play like children, create pleasurable events, and flow in womanhood”, by doing a plethora of prompts, questions, and actions to shift her into divine coordination. Co-written by the Holy Spirit, women are “called to participate in their own healing, health, and worship to the Most High God” in doing the activities in these books.

Also inside is God’s Calendar for the year. Initially written for a previous year’s release, a new one was added to now include two calendars. There are numerous calendars that groups of people are living by, Georgian, Jewish, Chinese, but only one by the Lord, Hebraic! Discover the universal and timeless timing that God orchestrated, since He brought His people out of Egyptian bondage. Revealing hidden symbolism in our months, Mrs. Swan has researched, studied, and prayed for information that reconnects women to “receive the most out of life as God designed by submitting to His appointed months and life design.” This compilation is sure to bring joy, peace and harmony into the Feminine spirit and soul.

“My passion in expanding, exploring, and excelling in Femininity aims to glorify the Most High God and His purposes, whether it’s through words, images, movement, or video,” said Olive. “Feminine Rhythm is a work that reorients women to walk in divine timing and receive the blessings that come from being aligned with God. This book is for all women that desire to have their lives redesigned by the Holy Spirit, elevate their femininity and grow closer to the Lord. It is my hope that every woman reading it will learn how every aspect of our lives must be brought into the unity of Elohim and discover new ways to enjoy every breath we are given.”

Feminine Rhythm is available on Feministry.pink & Amazon.com, in Hardcover and Paperback on May17th (& soon on Kindle). You can watch the video trailer for on her website. A portion of the book’s proceeds goes to one of her favorite charities, Focus on the Family. Course options and participant kits for Feminine Rhythm are only available on her website, Feministry.pink. A number of Olive’s books reach global readership in places like Japan, Brazil, Mexico, India, the UK and the U.S. Mrs. Swan, who regularly uploads Feminine Hebraic-centered content on her YouTube channel. TheFemininePrincess, has shared that she is currently working on several more books, including exclusive ones, which you can only find in her store Pink Peach and Cream.

To learn more about The Feminine Princess, please visit: https://feministry.pink.

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Feminine Rhythm Official Book Video Trailer

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