Restless Songbird Kailee Spark Releases Chilling New Single

Restless Songbird Kailee Spark Releases Chilling New Single

Restless Track Cover Art

A Gruesome Murder Scene or Just an Obsessed Lover? Restless Leaves Plenty to the Imagination

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2022 / — Hot on the heels of her debut album “Savor This”, Kailee Spark has today released her highly anticipated new song “Restless”. Another hit in the making, “Restless” is poised to replicate the success of “Sparkle and Shine” and “Universe at Your Fingertips”, both of which climbed steadily up the Radio charts in 2021.

‘The underground isn’t going to be able to contain a talent as strong as Spark’s for very long, and if you don’t know what I mean, just listen closely to the hook in “Sparkle & Shine”’ ~ Michael Stover, Music Existence – July 1, 2021

Inspired by a stay at a newly remodeled airbnb that had a very eerie energy to it, “Restless” is an upbeat and energetic tune, but with morbid undertones reminiscent of “Tulips and Teeth”, a fan favorite from Kailee Sparks’s debut album.

‘I have a wild imagination, and throughout the night while laying there, I envisioned various scenarios involving gruesome murders in the house’, said Kailee Spark, ‘And I really wished I had a lover there to keep me warm.’

Musically, “Restless” is a departure from the mostly acoustic and ethereal tones of “Savor This”, but carries the unmistakable stamp of Kailee Spark’s style – uplifting, unique and quirky. She is a brilliant lyricist with a remarkable ability to tell a complex, multi-layered story in deceptively simple words. “Restless” can be interpreted a number of different ways and it is up to the listener to decide what it means to them. For Kailee Spark “Restless” is perhaps a symbolic representation of her constant need to distract herself from the dark, uncomfortable and sometimes painful elements of her life experiences.

“Restless” is also the first single fully recorded by Kailee Spark at her home on the Big Island of Hawaii. This includes instrumentation and vocals.

‘I had to record the vocals in my closet, to isolate myself from the ambient noises outside. Maybe I have created a new subset of the bedroom pop genre and can claim the title of ‘queen of closet pop!’, said Kailee Spark.

“Restless” is available on all streaming platforms, iTunes and Bandcamp.

About Kailee Spark
Kailee is an independent singer/songwriter who has been writing songs since she was 12. She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and her hobbies (besides writing music) include traveling the world and learning about new cultures, spending time in her jungle backyard with her dogs, and reading epic survival stories.

About “Restless”
Written, Recorded and Performed by Kailee Spark
Producer – Killian Cruiser

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