Jerome Ewing’s newly-released “Face the Music in Pictures” is an inspiring photo journal filled with life lessons

Face the Music in Pictures

Jerome Ewing, Author

“Face the Music in Pictures”, by author Jerome Ewing, is a fascinating new handbook that takes readers from the ghetto to the Grammys.

Reading this book is like being a GoPro Camera on top of Jerome’s head. Photographers, literary critics, and music fans will love it. Celebrity bloggers should have a field day praising it too.”

— Jerome Ewing, Author

PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2022 / — “Face the Music in Pictures”: a remarkable piece of work designed to inspire everyone. This enthralling book encourages readers of all ages to live their best lives, covering a period way before the “best life” anthem was recorded. The book inspires readers to follow their dreams, to keep God first, and to never give up while en route to their dreams. Such themes don’t just resonate; they also become the golden glue that guides the story along like the magic needle that guides your favorite album along its way to sonic perfection. And the photos? Well, those are the gems that take you from black-and-white to Technicolor. The photographs in this book are the color on the canvas, the paint that makes this book a masterpiece. The pictures bring every page to life, with a vividness unparalleled, and with captions that cement each allegory and button up every detail. With all this, it’s hard not to fall heart-first in love with this book. Readers will feel like they’re riding shotgun with the author as he shoots photos and tells tales earned over forty years.

“Face the Music in Pictures” is the brainchild of published author Jerome Ewing, a professional photographer and DJ whose interests include sports, live music, and photography.

According to Ewing, this book is about a journey orchestrated by a higher being, and it happens to include a lot of well-known people. The journey is “saturated with high-quality pictures, fascinating storytelling, rich personal history, and imagery that’s so lucid you’ll swear you’re right there in the middle of the action.” Included are Ewing’s stories from over 40 years in the Entertainment business. Working with record labels including Motown Records, MCA Records, Sony, Jive, Arista Records, LaFace Records, and So So Def gave Ewing the opportunity to work with artists like Smokey Robinson, Will Smith, Toni Braxton, Harry Belafonte, Jermaine Dupri, and thousands of others. This book will have you thinking, “Wow, what a special journey, and it reads like a movie!”

Published by Book Vine Press, Jerome Ewing’s new book is proof-positive that a photographer’s lens may well be the best eyes in the room, because the camera records images the whole world can see, and can see forever. With its vast array of celebrities, dynamic documentation, and fancy photos, “Face the Music in Pictures” is sure to become the brand-new bible of the celebrity culture that flourished during Jerome Ewing’s illustrious career. A must-read, for sure!

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