Let’s talk about the book industry’s printing CRISIS

Let’s talk about the book industry’s printing CRISIS

Can’t find the title you want on the shelves? Getting more notifications about delays for the books you ordered online? It’s not your imagination – there’s a supply chain crisis going on, and it’s hitting the book industry pretty hard right now. But on the bright side, the cause is actually something pretty great: demand is up for print books. WAY up.

In this video, I reference facts and quotes from the following articles:

A look inside the supply chain crisis:
Supply chain snarls delay books:
The great book shortage of 2021, explained:
The 2010s were supposed to bring the ebook revolution. It never came:

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Creative writing for teens:
Planning a novel without plotting:
Character transformation:
Writing a killer book description:

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I use Canva for all my thumbnails and graphics:

Stuff I use as a full time writer/author (that you may have spotted in this video!) (affiliate links are afoot):

Macbook Air. Doesn’t really need my recommendation.
iPAPA laptop case:
Mind-Reader adjustable/portable laptop desk. I LOVE this thing. Typing with my arms at an angle has drastically reduced elbow/wrist pain.
Bluelight blocker glasses:
Clever Fox planner. I’ve used a few planners and this is my fav. Lots of space for mind-mapping and brainstorming, daily to-do lists, space for goal setting.
Best writing pens, hands down. I use them every time I revise a book.
Acer monitor. I kind of hate the word gamechanger but this really was that kind of purchase.
Brother laser printer. I won’t lie, this thing is a behemoth. But I’ve had it since 2017 and I think I’ve had maybe one paper jam? It works great, it’s super consistent, A++ for printing manuscripts.
Alphasmart Neo2. Highly highly recommend.

Canon G7X Mark iii camera. I love the flip up screen (ie, you can see yourself as you film) and the fact that there’s a mic port.
Savage studio lights. I mostly use these for ‘talking head’ videos.
Ubeesize 10” ring light. That’s the little guy sitting on my desk. I mostly use it for vlogging.
JJC mini tripod.
Rode clip mic.

I’ve got lots of other freebies for you to download and use on your writing journey:
BLACK LIVES MATTER. To my fellow white authors: we have to show up every day. We have to speak out. We have to make it clear to the Black authors and creators in our community that we are here for them. Silence is not an option. Please check out this Google Doc for hundreds of resources on how you can support, donate, and learn–not just in February, not just when another senseless tragedy due to racism occurs, but every single day from right now moving forward:

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