Penguin Random House trade/hardcover reorder opening

We have received a few Penguin Random House reorders of trade paperbacks and hardcovers as of this video. Most have had lackluster results with packing way worse than Diamond Comic Distributors. This is hard to imagine because Diamond usually takes the cake for the worst packing and shipping. But PRH has beat them out so far. I am making these videos in hopes that PRH takes notice, and corrects the problems in a big hurry. They definitely stand a chance to take Diamond Comics position as top distributor. By they have to listen to their customers. The brick and mortar portion of the comic industry can grow by leaps and bounds with a good distributor that supports its customers and listens to its needs. Diamond failed to do that and is in the position it is in today because they got greedy, and thought nothing could ever stop them. That changed with the pandemic and DC Comics leaving for Lunar. Less than a year later Marvel announced it was leaving as well. Each retailers opinion of what is damaged or not damaged is different because each store is different. But hopefully this is informational for not only the distributor, but those that are brave enough to be considering getting in to challenges of comic book retailing.

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