Becoming the Admiral’s Wife by “Author Cecily Watson Kelln”

Becoming the Admiral’s Wife by “Author Cecily Watson Kelln”

This is a true story of Cecily’s marriage, spirituality, and much more.

BALLINGER , TEXAS , UNITED STATES , June 15, 2022 / — This genuine story tracks Cecily and Al independently as they carry on with their own lives to middle age, which is the point at which their ways cross. In dramatic irony, the reader gets to know them both even before they meet. Al’s scenes go full-force Naval officer with his role in the development of nuclear-powered submarines during the Cold War and his dramatic under-ice Arctic exploration to the North Pole.

Cecily is brought into the world to a happy family and is certain that, on her own drive, she will likewise enter a blissful life as a wife and mother, not realizing that this won’t go as trusted. Getting back from two years in Peru working with the Peace Corps, her first white-lace-gown-and-tuxedo marriage ends when, following a year together in Holland and a year in Boston protesting the Vietnam War, Ramon passes on Cecily to follow his new hero in Cuba, Fidel Castro.

A victim of Ramon’s radical politics, Cecily hooks onto laid-back, pipe-smoking explorer, Levi, who takes her to live in a tent, and together they have three children. In any case, Cecily’s recently discovered relationship with Jesus Christ, which starts unexpectedly during a Fort Lauderdale beach trip outing, turns out to be a lot for Levi, who likes to be Jewish and he separates from her.

Now, with her youthful dreams dashed, Cecily has been stung by failed marriages. She must pivot to find a peaceful life as a middle-aged single woman, which she does by participating in Christian ministries and going to live in rural Virginia with her widowed mother.

Hoping to remain single, Cecily is completely shocked at a square dance class by God’s provision where she meets a retired Rear Admiral, Al Kelln, who cherishes her genuinely and invites her to live a happy-ever-after bustling Christian marriage. The two become founders of the Tomball (TX) Pregnancy Center, authors of their own memoirs, and. remain in active Christian ministry.

Cecily Watson was born and raised with her four siblings in the happy family acreage called “Cackleberry Farm” in Bryn Mawr, PA, in 1943. She majored in English Literature at Lake Erie College in Painesville, OH, then joined the Peace Corps for two years in Peru. After failed marriages, Cecily raised her three children all alone, being monitored by her church and uplifted by her faith in Jesus Christ. In middle age, Cecily met and wedded Al Kelln, a retired Navy Admiral. Together they moved to Texas in 2005 where they keep continuing to serve in Christian ministries.

“Becoming the Admiral’s Wife” is Cecily’s first book and the effort of several enlightening years. Her short story, “Little Rowboat,” won the second spot in the Juvenile Fiction Category at the Nineteenth Annual Chesapeake Writers’ Conference in the year 2000.

Cecily also served as editor of her husband’s memoir, “Living the Miracles” by Albert Lee Kelln. Both books can be purchased on their website:

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