Deathgasm 2 is raising funds and selling perks, including copies of the finished movie, on Kickstarter

Deathgasm 2 is raising funds and selling perks, including copies of the finished movie, on Kickstarter

Director Jason Lei Howden is raising funds for his long-awaited Deathgasm sequel Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon on Kickstarter

Nearly eight years have passed since writer/director Jason Lei Howden announced that he would be making a sequel to his feature directorial debut Deathgasm (watch it HERE). In that time, Howden has made Guns Akimbo and set up a film and comic book project called Monsters of Metal… and now he’s finally getting ready to head into production on Deathgasm 2! But to get the sequel made properly, he needs some help from the fans. That’s why Deathgasm 2 is currently raising funds and selling perks – including accepting pre-orders for copies of the finished film – on Kickstarter.

Deathgasm, released in 2015, tells the story of two high-school metal-heads, Brodie (played by Cawthorne) and Zakk (Blake), who form a band called Deathgasm. One day, while delving into some dark magic to escape their mundane lives, the duo unwittingly summon an evil entity called The Blind One. In the sequel, “which promises to be equally gory”, this is what is going to happen: After thwarting a demon apocalypse (which he helped to create) Brodie is mourning the death of his best friend – the charmingly psychopathic Zakk. Unemployed and without ambition, his girlfriend Medina breaks up with him, sending him further into despair. Determined to get Medina back and find some self-worth, Brodie decides to reform his heavy metal band DEATHGASM in order to win the upcoming ‘Metal Quest’, a battle-of-the-bands which will be attended by record company executives. But the auditions for new bandmates to replace the deceased Zakk and Dion go badly. To make matters worse, Medina has started dating the lead singer of a local Emo-Core band who are tipped to win.

Brodie hesitantly decides to once again use black magic, and with the help of the now one-armed drummer Giles, they attempt to raise their dead band members from the grave. After a few terrifying failures, they finally succeed. But Undead Zakk is unpredictable & reckless, and able to detach body parts at will. Brodie also struggles to keep Zakk and Dion focused as their hunger for eating the intestines of live humans grows. They start playing a few clubs but Dion cannot come to terms with being undead and struggles to control his Zombie urges. Zakk’s constant hassling of Dion’s ‘nerdiness’ finally pushes him over the edge. Dion gets loose and steals the resurrection spell that caused so much havoc in the first film.

Heading to the cemetery, Dion begins raising the dead and dressing them in period costumes to create his own personal army. He crowns himself King of the Dead. As Dion’s undead army starts to overrun the town in a gory murder spree, Brodie and Undead Zakk must once again hack and slash their way through the forces of evil. They must stop the horde before it reaches ‘Metal Quest’ and destroys their plans of getting signed to a record label, and Brodie’s chances of winning back the love of his life – Medina. Crank your speakers up to 13!

Deathgasm stars Milo Cawthorne, James Blake, and Kimberley Crossman are expected to return for Deathgasm 2.

Deathgasm 2 will be produced in New Zealand by Nick Garrett of Fish.Ent and Grant Bradley of Aristos Films, with Hatchet 3 and Studio 666 director BJ McDonnell serving as executive producer. Raven Banner will help with world sales and oversee production of the physical items for the crowdfunding campaign.

The Kickstarter campaign is seeking to raise $300,000, and as of this writing it’s at about $214,000 with eight days to go.

Howden provided the following statement: “We’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm and love people have shown for Deathgasm. For years I’ve been asked if a sequel was in the works, and I can honestly say that fans can expect an even more intense, hilarious, and f*cked-up experience with Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon.

Garrett added: “We need to get our fans the batshit-insane film they deserve ASAP, and we won’t achieve that through the usual funding pathways. This campaign is an opportunity for devotees to not only be a part of the Deathgasm legacy but to also contribute to the creation of a film that promises to push the boundaries of horror-comedy.

Are you a Deathgasm fan, and will you be contributing to the Deathgasm 2 Kickstarter campaign? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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