How Namibia is Establishing itself in The World of Film Production

How Namibia is Establishing itself in The World of Film Production

How Namibia is Establishing itself in The World of Film Production

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CAPE TOWN, WESTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA, December 15, 2022/ — Africa has many talented filmmakers struggling to make their mark on the global film industry

due to insufficient resources and funding. However, in recent times, many African countries

have gained more momentum, allowing local filmmakers to showcase their art to their

country and the larger world.

Namibia is one such country, as its small film industry is beginning to break boundaries to

stand tall with the big hitters in movie making. Local filmmakers have important stories to tell,

and it shows with the current films being produced.

Alongside local efforts to grow the film industry, Namibia has also made conscious

connections with international filmmakers so that the country can gain more recognition. In

contrast, international filmmakers reap the benefits of Namibian locations and productions.

The Current State of the Namibian Film Industry

Currently, Namibia is home to seventy filmmakers and a variety of production companies

that offer filming, production, and editing expertise alongside some of the best camera and

technology equipment used for pre- and post-production.

The film industry is small and still has much work to do before it efficiently grows. Some

production companies struggle to establish themselves, as a few still need functional

websites. That said, the production companies do show potential, and Namibia has

developed some genuinely ground-breaking films that can stand the test of time. The White

Line, Salute!, Invisibles and more are some prominent examples of the most famous

Namibian films.

Local filmmakers are working hard to cater to the needs and wants of the Namibian

audience. telling is the goal, and this is done by helping filmmakers produce

creative and entertaining art pieces. More awareness must be created, giving local

filmmakers more opportunities and funding.

Methods to Grow The Film Industry

One of the best ways for a country like Namibia to grow is by gaining international

recognition. Once international filmmakers see the value of a country like Namibia for

filmmaking, that directly and positively influences the state of the film industry within the


The country is fully aware of this, ensuring that they regulate many different locations- rural,

urban, beaches, coastal towns, deserts and more- so that they are ready and available for

international filmmakers. These diversified landscapes make Namibia an ideal filming

location, which is why the country works hard to keep these locations prime and ready for


There are over three hundred movie productions in Namibia, and the country is already

prosperous. The popular and acclaimed movie Mad Max: Fury Road was entirely filmed in

Namibia. This Oscar winner has been widely accepted by audiences, and filmmakers have

seen the benefits of working in Namibia as the country home to talented production crews.

The Logistics of Filming in Namibia

Commercial filming projects are regulated, meaning international filmmakers must apply for

filming permits and work visas. This might seem stressful and overwhelming, but a company

such as African Fixer helps international filmmakers with the administration side of


On top of the administration, African Fixer is an efficient film equipment supplier that

connects international filmmakers with the best crews in a specific country. Instead of

international filmmakers needing to worry about the logistics of filming in Namibia, they can

rely on African Fixer, one of the most component filming service providers.

Companies like this make filming in Africa all the more accessible and more accessible. This

is very inviting to filmmakers, as movie productions can be a logistical and administrative

nightmare. By streamlining the process, African countries such as Namibia can be seen as a

place of opportunity that benefits both sides.

The Start of Something New For Namibia

Namibia can continue to grow their film industry through international relationships. In doing

so, the state of the local film industry will improve, and Namibia can be one of the top

producers of film in Africa with enough hard work and dedication.

Film and television is a powerful media that can boost the economy while telling culturally

relevant and vital stories that can make a global impact. This can be a new beginning for

Namibian cinema, and the film production standards can only go up from this point onwards.

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