In the Artistic Scenario of NYC peakaboo Shines with its Own Light, the Artistic Space Masterfully Directed by Lulu Fong

In the Artistic Scenario of NYC peakaboo Shines with its Own Light, the Artistic Space Masterfully Directed by Lulu Fong

Lulu Fong, co-founder of peakaboo by Gail Foley

Lulu Fong

So many curiosities left unattended by our existing art system!!!! we wanna see and flaunt them all.”

— Lulu Fong, co-founder of peakaboo

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2022 / — New York Art Life Magazine was delighted to interview the talented and venturous art administrator Lulu Fong. We were struck not only by her extensive knowledge of arguably one of the most exclusive art industries in the world from working on high-profile projects worldwide but also were thrilled to learn about Fong’s emerging art space peakaboo.

Fong has brilliantly laid down a solid foundation for herself in this ever more sophisticated and elite world through a nearly decade-long success serving in both leading museums and bluechip galleries. To say the very least, Fong has mastered an intricate global art system where she not only dedicated herself in fully supporting artists’ development but also took on a leadership position in curating artworks for numerous collections. With the skills and sensitivities her professions instilled in her, Fong co-founded a project space in Brooklyn named peakaboo, leading the audience to happenings in the minds circulating in this town.

peakaboo is a show hub in Brooklyn co-founded by Fong, where they invite artists and musicians in Brooklyn and beyond for chats, feedback, and project-based shows. Some may have a fledgling career and others have day jobs to pay the bills, all are welcome at the community-centered peakaboo. In addition to being a forum for discourse, Fong underscores peakaboo satiates the need for a space for artists to expand outside of their known practices, allowing artists to be experimental and test out ideas.

Whilst Fong is celebrated for her expertise in curating scholastic and progressive exhibitions featuring rising artists, she directs peakaboo with the ethos of enthusiastically listening to the community, then intently converging the pool of knowledge to shape peakaboo’s programmes. In the past, they hosted a group show of visual arts exploring modes of translation and dissidence of culture in our immediate times, a music show on industrial hyper-pop and gay techno, collage night, and ‘criteaque.’ In the pipeline, they have the second half of its music series, summer of solos and sprinkled with intermittent programs like zine fair, dyke jello wrestling, film screenings, and a live scoring performance piece.

Even with ample experience under her belt, it seems Fong is just getting started. She recalls an antidote that left us with a remarkable glimpse into her profound promotion of art and representation,

“as an administrator, a distinguished moment happened when I was giving a viewing of our group show at peakaboo. I visited an old masters exhibition on the upper east side earlier that morning with a friend and we both gushed over the works for similar reasons. A rather ordinary occurrence in my museum-day excursions thus far. Then I rushed home to give a viewing at peakaboo, and it is then I noticed people are enjoying the same work but from different perspectives. That is when I knew we had something here. What we are showing is the fresh time of our generation, where there isn’t an existing mold to approach the works, but people still intuitively find resonance, stemming from their own unique experiences in this world. That is my artistic accomplishment in my role as an art administrator. My professional experience and theoretical training built a space to have conversations that preserve the agency of one’s free-thinking, whilst reflecting on a shared world at large.

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