Influencers Daniel Zelevansky and Gavin Hinderleider Voice Their Opinion on ‘Stranger Things,’ Season 4 VOL 1

Influencers Daniel Zelevansky and Gavin Hinderleider Voice Their Opinion on ‘Stranger Things,’ Season 4 VOL 1

Zelevansky and Hinderleider’s ‘Stranger Things’ themed photoshoot. Compliments of Hinderleider for visual edits.

Unraveling the darkness of ‘Stranger Things,’ season 4 VOL 1, where they explore the mysteries, mishappenings, and the shocking events that keep you on edge.

This season was absolutely jaw-dropping while keeping you on the floor screaming, laughing, and most importantly, shocked with a spine-chilling, sinister ending.”

— Daniel Zelevansky and Gavin Hinderleider

UNITED STATES, May 31, 2022 / — MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. Content creators Daniel Zelevansky (@dztwisted with 533k TikTok followers) and Gavin Hinderleider (@gavnft with 117k TikTok followers) met up to watch the newest season of the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things.” This series, directed by the Duffer brothers, released its first episode, “The Vanishing of Will Byers,” in 2016 and went on to win several awards such as the Screen Actors Guild Award. After much anticipation, season four Volume 1 was released this past month. As with past seasons, viewers experience a roller coaster of emotions. Buckle up because we’re leaving Hawkins and navigating the shocking twists and turns of season four. The previous storylines progress, maintaining clarity and purpose, as long-awaited questions are finally answered. With a budget of approximately $30,000,000 per episode, the appeal of this season lies within the high-quality graphics and introduction of new characters.

This season kicks off with episode one, “The Hellfire Club,” elaborating on the troubles of existing characters such as El (Millie Bobby Brown), Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin), and Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) as she deals with her brother, Billy Hargrove’s (Dacre Montgomery), death. We are also introduced to a handful of new characters. To highlight one, in particular, Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), portrays a rebellious High School student who is the leader of the Hellfire Club at Hawkins High. His dabbling with drugs and the devil-like monster, Vecna, later leave him in a rabbit hole. Vecna, who also goes by “Henry Creel,” “Peter Ballard,” and “Number 1,” is presumably the most powerful monster yet.

“Aside from new characters, new plot lines were introduced. This season successfully touches on sensitive topics ranging from bullying to grieving the loss of a loved one. I feel as if the season beautifully showcases the struggles all the new and old characters continue to face as time goes on, and how they overcome these struggles. Some may say the season is redundant at times, but I believe it ultimately captures all the storylines in a unique fashion showcasing shockers and delivering all expectations with both new and old characters. Always keeping you engaged to see what is going to happen next, it brilliantly keeps you on a cliffhanger desperately wanting to see the next episode. I am beyond excited to see what the Duffer brothers have in store for Volume 2 and look forward to every second of it!” – Daniel Zelevansky

“Unless you enjoy the long, in-depth storylines, this season would fit you perfectly. The continuous swaps make it so you’re always engaged, constantly on edge and waiting for what’s going to happen next. This season blows my expectations out of the park, and I can assure any continuous watcher that Volume 2 will not disappoint.” – Gavin Hinderleider

With Volume 1 of the season-ending, we can only wait and further theorize what we think is going to happen. We can not wait and are more thrilled than ever to be able to see the next two episodes that release on July 1st, 2022, which will end the season off on what is to be expected wild.

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