Marketing the Indies

Marketing the Indies

The War at Home

Marketing is important for any film, but it can be especially important for independent films.

Curt Doty was constantly coming up with new ideas to advance the storytelling and the reach of The War at Home.”

— Glenn Silber, Director

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, USA, January 4, 2023 / — Marketing is important for any film, but it can be especially important for the Indies. They often have smaller budgets and less access to traditional marketing channels, so they need to be creative and strategic in their marketing efforts.

Curt Doty has helped quite a few indies in recent years, starting with Shadowgram, a film by Augusto Contento. He was able to create the trailer, key art, press kit, website and social media campaign as their collection of laurels from a number of prestigious festivals grew.

Curt also met two-time Oscar Nominee Glenn Silber at the Santa Fe International Film Festival where he was screening the 4K restoration of The War at Home, his award-winning feature doc on the 1960’s Antiwar Movement. They discussed how to interest younger audiences in the film and developed a concept called “The War at Home: Then & Now” to bridge the generation gap and tie the ‘60s antiwar protests to what has happening in the streets of America today.

“Curt Doty came up with new ideas to advance the storytelling and the reach of The War at Home. Hundreds tuned in for a Zoom event featuring young activists discussing the “Then and Now” theme. We experimented with doing a podcast about the making of the film and when we found a distributor to put the film on streaming platforms, Curt designed a series of 30-60 second promo clips using specific, powerful scenes from the film. My only regret is that I wish I’d met Curt earlier when we were initially designing our new distribution campaign. His ideas were transformative.” – Glenn Silber, Director

After the success of The War at Home and a nice referral, Curt met Daniel Miller, another documentarian and educator, who was finishing his film, Fire in the Heartland: The Kent State Story. The website he designed and built became a new hub for the campaign, housing all the content marketing, press materials and credits for the film. A year later, he was able to work with Daniel and his producer Suzanne Clark on their latest film Citizen Blue: the James Blue Story, which involved key art, website and press kit.

“The experience of working with Curt is first of all, speed. He responds very quickly. HE GETS THE WORK DONE. Furthermore, he draws on an extensive range of experiences; his suggestions are expert and helpful–and creative.” – Daniel Miller, Director

Developing the key art, website and a social media campaign early on can provide indie filmmakers a strategic leg up to help finish their film. Used as a strategic tool in getting completion funding; or once it’s finished, help it get into film festivals and help sell the film to major media outlets.

Film Festivals are important to Independent Filmmakers. Marketing through the film festival circuit can help to create a sense of community around the film, building an audience by bringing together fans and supporters who have an affinity with the film.

“Curt Doty’s skillfulness and craftsmanship makes him one incredible valuable asset when assembling & executing your films marketing strategy.”

– Greg Reitman, Founder & Executive Director, Blue Water Film Festival

The Santa Fe International Film Festival (SFiFF) has worked with Curt for the past 5 years. Starting with the 10th anniversary film festival poster then creating their logotype and ultimately their website, the work has continued and grown since, including all of their advertising.

“It is a rewarding and enlightening experience working with Curt, or The Dodester, as he is widely known, fosters a sense of creativity in every meeting and is closely aligned and professional when it comes to each detail.” – Jacques Paisner, Artistic Director, Santa Fe International Film Festival.

Curt’s passion for movie marketing comes from not only being a movie fan but also 30 years in the entertainment business, mostly focused on working with filmmakers in promoting their movies through key art development, tv campaigns, trailers, social campaigns, mobile apps and distribution. Telling your backstory about “the making of…” your film’s story via social, can generate interest in getting your film into festivals and hitting your targeted audience. Distributors love a proactive approach to audience building.

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