MIDLAND The 14 Minute One-Shot Film

MIDLAND The 14 Minute One-Shot Film



Maria Margaret Wilson, Director – MIDLAND

MIDLAND is an ambitious 14-minute one-shot film that explores the difficult themes of grief, spirituality, and mental health with an all female producing team.

We must keep our hearts open. We must keep hope alive. We must keep looking up.”

— Maria Margaret Wilson

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Maria Margaret Wilson is about to make waves on the film festival scene with her ambitious directorial debut – MIDLAND. Directing, producing, starring in, and writing her short film on her terms is set to be a game-changer for Wilson as she embarks upon an exciting journey of cinematic exploration through the female lens.

MIDLAND follows three brave women on an emotional voyage of self-discovery and eternal love. By confronting the difficult issues associated with grief, spirituality, and mental health, these characters explore how to mend broken bonds and heal from unresolved struggles. This is a powerful tale about healing and embracing hope for the future. It reveals the strength in overcoming even the most challenging barriers we face. Despite their past hurt, this friendship and sisterly bond was strong enough to overcome painstaking mistakes and regret.

This film was born for two main reasons:

First, Wilson had lost a dear friend, Guy Preston Bailey, at the tender age of 26. Preston’s legacy of kindness, fearlessness, and unconditional love inspired her to write a film about healing – something the whole world needs during this difficult time. With courage, she created an imaginative narrative that transcended space and time, enabling everyone whose message resonates with hers to be inspired by this story of hope and redemption.

Secondly, Wilson’s passion for directing was driven by the need to amplify women in positions of power behind the scenes in the film industry. She saw her debut film as a unique opportunity to bring visibility and representation into Hollywood’s male-dominated industry. Wilson was dismayed to discover the alarming statistic from The Center For The Study Of Women In Television and Film, which revealed that “After reaching historic highs in 2020, the percentages of women directing top-grossing films declined in 2021. Women comprised 17% of directors working on the 250 top-grossing films in 2021, down from 18% in 2020.” An unfortunate regression for women in the industry. These numbers indicate an ongoing disparity and suggest that further action is needed. This ignited Wilson to step up to the plate herself and to be the change she hopes to see in cinema.

Wilson assembled a team of talented and forward-thinking women to collaborate and bring her concept to life. Tanyell Waivers (As seen on ‘Queen Sugar’ as Keke, ‘Lace’ as Brittney, and ‘Dear Zoe’ as Vicky) and Tara Alexandra Brown (As seen on ‘Bosch’ as Danielle, ‘Every Day’ as Paige, and upcoming ‘And Yet So Far’ as Brie) not only star in the film alongside Wilson, but produced the film as well. Wilson could combine their creative sensibilities and compelling vision to make a daring, 14-minute-long film with no cuts, just unbridled passion that will transport the audience through its raw storytelling power. This story portrays women’s genuine emotions, direct from their brains, hearts, and mouths. Imagine that!

Supporting this all-female producing team is up-and-coming Director of Photography Sean Michael Ryan, who supported the vision and concept of this film from the very beginning and helped choreograph and execute the meticulous blocking for 14 minutes straight of filming in the middle of the Mojave desert in California City under harsh conditions.

The film features music from talented artists, including Maura Mitchell’s “Look Up” and Kr3wcial’s “Love You 2 Death.”

This thought-provoking film suggests that, instead of worrying about how and why things happen, focusing on how we make each other feel is far more critical. By accepting each other’s authenticity, we can heal our souls and embark on a journey toward limitless and unleashed potential.

Following her own awakening during the pandemic, Wilson hopes this film inspires others to heal their wounds and set themselves free from heartache, grief, shame, or any other emotional pain. We owe it to ourselves to be aligned with our highest self by letting go of what is no longer serving us. Let us appreciate the gift of time, embracing every moment we share with our loved ones through this wild, incredible adventure that we call life.

We must keep our hearts open. We must keep hope alive. We must keep looking up.

Maria Margaret Wilson (SAG actor, comedian, and filmmaker) originally hails from Southern New Jersey with extensive training and experience in theatre and a Second City Chicago Conservatory Alum specializing in sketch comedy and improvisation. Wilson lives in Los Angeles now, where she acts in and develops film projects with a strong female perspective. Currently, Wilson is in collaboration on the upcoming award-winning adapted feature screenplay, ‘A Son’s Gift,’ written by Michele Cynthia Bell.

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