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When your inspired, you become inspiring.”

— Steve “Mr. Pineapple” Mathieu

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, May 15, 2022 / — The Pineapple Theory started an ambitious and realistically optimistic project consisting of Mr. Pineapple traveling the World with his pineapple with the purpose to connect in-person with people and made them smile!

“It’s all about people with Mr. Pineapple” Readers of The Pineapple Theory

April 2022, London, UK was stop #1. Why London?

London’s Book Fair was held from April 5 to April 7, and it was a first Book Fair for The Pineapple Theory books. Mr. Pineapple had a much bigger motivation to make London stop #1.

“In the UK, the Pineapple has always been associated with prestige and luxury due to its exotic appearance.” The Pineapple Theory – Discover them all-in-one

In the mid 17th century, pineapples were cultivated in a few hothouses in England and the Netherlands, in conditions that mimicked the warm temperature and humidity levels needed to produce the fruit. Because they were in high demand and low in supply, only the extremely wealthy could afford pineapples. Before selling them for consumption, pineapple merchants rented pineapples to people who couldn’t afford to purchase them. Those who rented would take the pineapple to parties, not to give as a gift to the host, but to carry around and show off their apparent ability to afford such an expensive fruit! It cost approximately between $5,000 and $10,000 to rent!

Walking London with a pineapple fruit is what Mr. Pineapple did! It triggered several conversations and people were shared the pineapple story from London’s 17th century. The complete story is available on The Pineapple Theory’s website.

Everyday is an inspiration for Mr. Pineapple and London triggered several inspirations. From take off from the Montreal airport (YUL) to Stonehenge – Windsor Castle – Roman Baths – and more, thousands of words where written and shared in The Pineapple Theory blog.

Where next Mr. Pineapple?

From June 24 to July 1st, Athens, Greece, will be Mr. Pineapple’s next stop and several authentic plans are on deck. If you reside or planning to be in Athens and see someone happy carrying a pineapple fruit, it is likely Mr. Pineapple. Don’t be shy and come say Hi!

“Earth is more beautiful than we think. Imagine how splendid it would be if we were all interacting positively on it!” Steve “Mr. Pineapple” Mathieu

Feed positively your roots – Master the Art – Be inspired, be inspiring with The Pineapple Theory

The Pineapple Theory books are available worldwide on Amazon.

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Why London Mr. Pineapple?

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