RoninX, Open-Source Web3 Infrastructure Protocol, Taps SPROCKIT for Strategic Partnerships with Media & Entertainment

RoninX, Open-Source Web3 Infrastructure Protocol, Taps SPROCKIT for Strategic Partnerships with Media & Entertainment

Open-Source Metaverse Web3 Protocol Lab for testing, validation, and evaluation of community-contributed designs for dApps reference implementation.

NEW YORK, TOKYO, JAPAN, May 31, 2022 / — Two prominent innovation organizations today announced a strategic partnership to establish a Foundation consisting of both a community and innovation lab, the output of which will be an open Metaverse platform. The Foundation will provide media and entertainment companies with access to an open-sourced platform on which to build dApps in the Metaverse. The partnership objective is to create a community for the convergence of knowledge, deep tech innovations, business, and society as it relates to the Metaverse. SPROCKIT a natural partner for the RoninX.Foundation, is best known for creating such an environment for corporate-startup innovation discovery and partnerships in Media, Entertainment, and Technology (MET).

SPROCKIT ( is the trusted Global Innovation Marketplace that curates, connects and fosters collaboration among the world’s leading MET companies and top market-tested startups worldwide to bring innovative products, services, and revenue models to market. Since its launch in 2013, MET industry leaders have engaged with over 200 emerging startups from 20 countries through SPROCKIT, resulting in hundreds of partnerships, as well as billions of dollars in investments and acquisitions. This Marketplace will now include the RoninX.Foundation.

RoninX.Foundation, the first global metaverse infrastructure industry group, is bringing together media and entertainment giants with technology pioneers in camera hardware, content, infrastructure, IoT devices, and blockchain to revolutionize the media and entertainment industry. The mission is to support education, advancement and adoption of decentralized content management, storage, provenance, device identity, and streaming interoperability standards.

The foundation has developed and open sourcing Integrated Real-Time Protocol (IRP) – White Paper ( – a groundbreaking Web3 network protocol. IRP forms the core basis for Glass-to-Glass™ Real-time Streaming, that will be further enhanced through the foundation’s working groups led by infrastructure companies StreamoniX ( and 8K online video platform company Videogram ( Reference implementations resulting from working groups will be open-sourced for the community to overlay their own innovative high-bandwidth, live, on-demand, and low latency use cases from media production, and scaling to billions of display devices from smartphones, TV’s, and XR headsets — all with the lowest possible latency and carbon footprint, and the highest possible security and exponential cost savings. Incorporating the latest advances in blockchain technology, like those from founding member IoTeX( the RoninX.Foundation open-source IRP protocol ensures partners build products that guarantees provenance of all content and protects the privacy of all users.

“We’re excited to work with RoninX to create the world’s first Metaverse open-source platform and community, to bring together MET industry leaders, creators and developers from around the globe”, said Harry Glazer, SPROCKIT Founder & CEO, a seasoned entrepreneur, & investor with over 30 years of experience in innovation for the media, entertainment industry.

“Building decentralization via Web2 protocols is trying to fit square peg into a round hole. Web3 requires quality of service to the end-use to be a core tenet. This requires new protocol to carry heavier payloads, low latency, interoperable metadata, packet security, Anti-DDoS, user privacy, detect deepfake, and provide this protocol under open source for the larger community to build their dApps. The architecture of the metaverse requires a tight integration of camera, blockchain, content creators, end-devices, and distributed hardware. The RoninX.Foundation IRP protocol ties all these together. The partnership of SPROCKIT and RoninX will launch various Web3 product-market fit reference implementations in the coming months and years”, said Sandeep Casi, President of RoninX.Foundation, who has 20+ years of experience building video products at Ford Motors, General Motors, Industrial Light+Magic, Fujifilm and Videogram.

“The hardware and infrastructure to support decentralized operating models is critical to the future of forward-looking business models based on the Web3 ethos. Thus the Metaverse infrastructure must evolve to the new paradigm. The consistency of user experience that consists of billions of users will be extremely difficult to achieve with Web2 technologies given the expectations of the experiences currently being defined”, said Anoop Nannra, RoninX.Foundation Chair, former Global Blockchain Leader at Cisco, AWS, and former co-founder and chair of the Trusted IoT Alliance.

Whether transmitting 8K video streams, mixed reality metaverse experiences, XR, CAD/CAM data, or ultra-resolution medical imagery. The IRP protocol has been designed to stream / transfer next generation content, protected by next-generation security..

The partnership is establishing the open-sourced Metaverse Infrastructure Innovation Lab for testing, validation, and evaluation of community-contributed designs and proof of concepts (POCs) related to decentralized content streaming and storage. This lab relies on community outreach and engagement to broaden awareness of next-gen media and blockchain technologies for the budding creator economy within the Metaverse.

We are inviting Web3 innovators to join this groundbreaking initiative and help define the future of decentralized internet by joining one or more of the working groups.

Transport Working Group: Expand the capabilities of MinimaLT to incorporate a universal container into the IRP protocol, with support for a high-resolution clock and future-proof payload counters.

Metadata Working Group: Define a universal metadata container and interoperability attributes into an industry standard payload container that facilitates glass to glass content flows from studio to display devices.

File Working Group: Development of reference receiver-side functionality to manage high volume and very large media payload management over decentralized and last mile infrastructure.

Metaverse Working Group: Design and develop a range of containers and related technologies to support the digital environments that include immersive audio, 8k uncompressed video, and NxM communications channels, for a variety of use cases spanning entertainment, gaming, and medical imagery.

Ledger Working Group: Develop synergies between IRP and blockchain technology to increase efficiency, performance, and connectivity between global networks while maintaining privacy and provenance continuity.

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