Space Dream Productions Expands Into The Patreon Universe

Space Dream Productions Expands Into The Patreon Universe

Koura Linda hosts Festival Director Panel with Space Dream Productions

Virtual panel hosted at Space Dream Productions’ virtual office

With their first panel launching tonight, Space Dream Productions steps forward forming a knowledge-sharing community for fellow filmmakers!

Indie filmmakers aren’t lacking in funding, they are lacking in knowledge and training. Funding helps. But know-how can get you even further on a limited budget.”

— Koura Linda

US, May 25, 2022 / — It takes a village to make a movie, and so the multi-award winning film and music company Space Dream Productions is building a village as they launch a Patreon site where fellow filmmakers and film aficionados get to interact and benefit more than ever before.

With community always at the forefront, Space Dream Productions wants to support fellow filmmakers as much as possible. Filmmaker and President of Space Dream Productions, Koura Linda, has always felt that knowledge, not money, is the number one block to progress in the indie filmmaker world.

While it might seem like the bigger budgets buy all the best things, time and time again the industry standard has shown us that even the biggest budgets can flop, and even the most famous people in Hollywood can make something lacking heart or substance or even just general quality. Indie films might have a higher percentage of flops, but that is not because of the budget. Even some of the biggest budget indie films can fall down hard.

Properly trained filmmakers who know the ins and outs of filmmaking can produce a film in a way that not only makes for amazing art, but also tells important stories and showcases pieces of humanity that big studios don’t always take the time to represent. That is what Space Dream Productions wants to share – the knowledge of how to make an amazing film.

Gathering on Patreon gives people the extended opportunity to gain additional access to content and be a part of a more focused community. Early access to Space Dream Productions films, engaging through posts and messages, joining in on live and virtual events, special access to zoom Writing/Acting/Filmmaking workshops and Q&As (minimum of 1 per month), exclusive sneak peeks and Behind The Scenes, full library access to all recorded workshops, webinars, special ticket access, are all part of the amazing things offered.

The first event in line is a live Q&A panel on Film Festivals with special guest film festival directors hosted by Koura Linda.

Panelists for this first event include Fernando A. Mico, director of the NOVA Fest and Fame Festival Network, R. Zoe Judd, director of the Horrorhound Film Festival and F3: Frankly Film Festival, Wendy Robbins, former Tampa 48 Hour Film Project City Producer, TL Westgate, director of the FantaSci Short Film Festival, and Ebony Roberts, director of the United We Heal Film Festival.

The event will take place in the Theatre Room of Space Dream Productions’ brand new Virtual Office. Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A. Access is gained via the Space Dream Productions Patreon site. Future panels, events, and screenings can be accessed by becoming a Patreon.

Space Dream Productions is an independent film and music production company grounded in the idea that all storytellers are ambassadors of humanity, tasked with sharing our voices. Filmmakers have the added responsibility of creating visual worlds around these stories. For this reason Space Dream Productions focus on films that they feel will not only entertain, but aim to showcase pieces of humanity.

Since Sept 2016, over 50 projects have moved (or are moving) through the company. About 30 completed projects have received over 50 film festival acceptances internationally.

A full list of current festival selections and upcoming screenings is available on their Film Festivals page, and full lists of laurels can be found on their Accolades page.

While carrying out a mission of amplifying stories that may not always be front and center in large studio projects, films produced by Space Dream Productions hope to continue to highlight hard-working otherwise unknown or relatively unknown exceptional artists in music and film from all walks of life.

Come join the community! Visit Space Dream Productions on Patreon!

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